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6 Ways to Update Your Fireplace

Sometimes upgrading your fireplace insert isn’t always necessary. As long at the unit is up to code, still functional, and suits your needs, it’s good to stay. We have some ways that you can modernize your fireplace on a budget.

1. Add a touch of paint

Painting the mantel or the stonework is a fantastic way to modernize your unit. Can't decide on paint colours? Look for a lighter pallet as white provides a fantastic contrast to the darker outline of the firebox and truly helps to accentuate the fireplace.

Photo from: Lovely Indeed

2. Installing, removing, or upgrading your mantel

The options are endless. Looking to add or upgrade your mantel? Think about adding a wood, stone, brick, tile or marble mantel. Mantels can be the perfect place to store some accessories, while serving functional purpose of distributing heat away from anything above the fireplace (TV, art, frames, etc). Need some mantel inspiration? Check out the mantels page.

OR think about removing your mantel altogether. Sometimes less is more.

3. Add stone, brick, tile, or even try drywall for the fireplace surround.

Drywall is a surprisingly practical, inexpensive, simple, and clean option for your renovation. For those that are interested in stone, trending now is granite for new surrounds as it is durable, tolerates heat, scratch resistant, and it looks fantastic.

4. Remove or upgrade the hearth

For those unsure what a hearth is, it is the noncombustible area in front of the fireplace that serves to protect for your home from heat, sparks, and burning logs. It is often found raised above the ground but can also be flushed with the floor.

If you have an electric or gas fireplace installed it is entirely up to you whether to keep the hearth. Here are some upgrades with and without a hearth.

5. Add Lighting

Let's highlight your masterpiece. Adding in pot lights or spotlights on the ceilings above is a simple change that will accentuate the fireplace. Customers are also installing LED strips along the hearth, mantel or surround to enhance the features while adding a modern feel to the space. These new trends offer fantastic results.

6. Accessorize

Sometimes it's the small finishing touches that can make the difference. Think about adding a mirror over the fireplace to bring in more light and expansion, perhaps adding an art piece, or simply accessorize your mantel with fixtures that aren't permanent. Plants are a fantastic option!

We love seeing before and after pictures from our customers. Please tag us @thefiresidegroup or add the hashtag #alwaysfireside so we can follow along with you!

Good luck and remember that projects like these may take longer than planned but are well worth the effort!

For those looking to renovate and upgrade their fireplace inserts, stay tuned for next week's blog post.

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