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So You Are Looking For a New Barbeque?

*NOTE: Grilling mistakes 101, never press down on your patties like the above! It makes flames shoot up, charring your meat, and riding your food of those delicious juices.

So, you are in the market for a new barbeque and aren't sure what to get. You know this is a big decision because whats better then being able to cook your massive dinner with no dishes, out in the open air of your backyard. Oh and of course an ice cold beverage in hand. This article will tell you a few things that you may want to remember when looking to purchase. As always, if you don't want to read this, just give us an email or call anytime. 1. What Is Your Price Range?

We sell mainly Napoleon Grills, and although they are not your superstore special, there is a good reason for that. These things are meant to last.

Prices typically range from $500 all the way up to $5000+ depending on if you are getting that beauty specially installed.

What justifies this price?

Well to start, these barbeque have a lifetime warranty, and range from 10,000 BTU's to 100,000+ BTU's. This means A LOT of heat, and a great flame to cook that delicious dinner on. 2. What Size Grill Are You Looking For?

This question has two parts, but both are related. The number of burners and cooking area. Essentially, the higher number of burners will increase your cooking area and thus increase the BTU's (heat output). For example, you can cook about 22 burger patties on a 10" x 20" cooking area, with a 2 burner barbeque. That is the smallest legitimate barbeque we sell, and do not recommend anything smaller! This size unit is currently selling for $599 and can be found on our Barbeques Home Page. You have your choice of a 2 burner, 4 burner (20" x 30" cooking area), 5 burner (18"x 37" or 41 burgers), 6 burner, 7 or 8 burner barbeque which can cook up to 51 burger patties at once. Imagine that? Cooking your entire meal on your barbeque without having to make even one trip inside. It wouldn't even matter the amount of guests you have over, you would be prepared!

3. What Features Are You Looking For?

This question usually determines what type of cooking you are looking to do on your new outdoor cooking station.

  • Are you looking to try some infrared rotisserie style cooking?

  • Smoking with wood chips?

  • Having side burners to toss those veggies you need to finish off your meal? Or even boil a pot of water?

  • Are you looking to have a light on the inside for evening grilling?

  • Or what about an ice/marinating bucket that's built right into the side of your grill?

Well there are options for all of these. And yes they can be that good.

Final Thoughts....

So, when looking for that perfect outdoor station there are a few things to keep in mind. You need to look at the price you are willing to spend, the size and quantities you typically cook, and any additional cooking features you may be wishing for. Remember, a good grill should not last you just a couple years. We have had customers come back to us a decade later telling us about how nicely their barbeque is STILL working. This is the experience you should be having. A constant and reliable flame, giving way to the sear which provides those beautiful lines everyone loves. This is the way outdoor living should be experienced. Feel free to reach out if you have anymore questions, or are interested in what products we have to offer! Stay safe, and enjoy that outdoor cooking season!

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