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All You Need to Know About Pizza Stones

What’s all this hype around pizza stones?

If you do not have a pizza oven but are in the market to make the best homemade pizza, a pizza stone is the best place to start. The ceramic material holds and distributes the heat more evenly than a baking pan, fighting against the constant heat that escapes every time you open the oven door. The stone absorbs the high temperatures, removing any unwanted moisture from your dough, delivering a crust that is crisp and flavourful. All while your cheesy toppings are cooked to perfection.

BBQ vs. Oven

While the stone works great in both the oven and BBQ, we LOVE the added smoky flavour that the grill brings. Grilled pizza creates a crispy crust we all know and love, with added tasty flavours. Plus this gives you just another excuse to get outside and maximize your barbeque in the summer air!

First time use

When you first remove your new pizza stone from the package, simply use a damp cloth to wipe it down, front and back. Let that sit overnight to dry and voila! It is good to go.

How do you use it?

  • Preheating is KEY! Place your stone onto your cold grill or in your cold oven before you preheat, waiting to reach a temperature of 425°F before adding your food. This may take longer than normal, but the longer you allow the stone to preheat, the better the results. This will also help to prevent your stone from cracking.

  • Once the stone is preheated, simply add some cornmeal or parchment paper onto the stone before placing your food on top to cook. This will help deter any unwanted sticking!

  • After your food is cooked, we suggest using a pizza spatula to seamlessly remove your food from the stone. Avoid using any knives or pizza cutters on the stone itself as this will damage both the stone and your tools.

  • Let your stone to cool off completely before handling and cleaning due to high temperatures.

Check out this video for a visual on how to best use your stone!

Eight other uses for your pizza stone besides pizza!

1. Bread

The stone ensures that your bread is thoroughly baked, leaving a crunchy and delicious crust. Our suggestion is to try sourdough and ciabatta!

2. Cookies Turn it into a giant cookie, or small individual cookies. Both are tasty!

3. Apple strudel

4. Sear a steak

5. Potato Chips

They can get crispier and caramelized on the stone. Hot tip: actually set the sliced

potatoes on a baking sheet, placed on top of the heated stone to avoid quick burning!

6. Roasting Veggies

7. Quesadillas

8. Falafels

The stone absorbs all of that excess moisture! Leaving crisp and light falafels

How do you clean it?

Once the stone has completely cooled to room temperature, simply clean it with warm water and a soft cloth. The stone does not like soap, so please stick to water. Once clean, let it air dry for at least 24 hours before using again. To maintain the longevity of your stone you do not need to oil it.

In the market for a barbeque but unsure of where to start? Check out our blog on barbeques that provides all of the info to get you started.

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