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Wall Mounted Fireplaces

Having a wall mounted fireplace in your home is stylish and a great addition. Not only can it help provide additional aesthetics into your room, it can be an accessible and affordable option for supplementary heat.

Wall Mounted Fireplaces

A wall mounted fireplace is typically an electric unit, and most manufacturers have edged away from producing any gas wall-mounted units. This is most likely due to the requirement to still vent out a gas wall mounted fireplace. Some gas wall mounted fireplaces are still available, but are focused on outdoor use, so that the venting can be avoided due to large exhaust areas.

For an amazing selection of wall mounted fireplaces we highly recommend checking out the Dimplex bran of electrics which can be found HERE on our website. They are, in our opinion, some of the nicest looking electrics that the industry has produced.

The downfall on wall mounted fireplaces is the side view that gets affected. With a gap from the wall to the unit, the aesthetics are something to be mindful of. Some unit do offer optional trim that can be purchased to make it feel more seamless to the wall.

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