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Garage Floor Guard

Protect Your Living Space

Comm/Res Masonry

Refresh and refinish your garage to withstand the worst stains, scuffs, spills or drops. Our proprietary polyurethane coating will protect your garage through every season for many years to come.

Garage Floor Protection

Turn your garage floor into a durable and easy-to-clean surface that will be protected from the harshness of life for years to come.

The Fireside Group has a certified team of installers that can transform your garage in a day. With this abrasion resistant solution created by our proprietary polyurethane coating system, you can easily prevent stains from spills and accidents.

The days of putting down chemical filled cleaners to try and lift that oil or solution spill are over. Have your garage looking new from the day you buy it, till you sell it.


From Toronto to Orillia, we are the smart choice for any garage floor project.

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