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Three Ways To Install Your Electric Fireplace

We are always being asked what the best way to install and display your new electric fireplace. The preferences are always personal, but below we will outline the three most popular wall mounting positions and some general requirements. As always, it is a great idea to talk to a professional and consult your user manual to make sure your electric fireplace is meant to be used in your desired way.

Wall Mount, Surface Mount, or On-Wall Mounting of your electric Fireplace

The first and least destructive way if you are not interested in altering the supporting wall is to wall surface mount. It has the unit attached to the frame of the wall with an attachment placed into a minimum of two studs. This would require wires to be shown or have a recessed outlet into the wall behind the unit. If hardwired, owners will have to have this brought through the wall to the desired location. This method does not encourage a seamless view and can take away from some of the aestetics of the fireplace due to hard angels and the distracted view of fireplace box.

Partially Recessed

This method is ideal to partially hide away the back box of the electric fireplace and give a more seamless view of the unit in the wall. If you plan this type if installation, it requires building a box to fit the unit measurements and can hide any wires or hook-ups beautifully. Some manufacturers such as Dimplex can also can provide (at additional cost) a frame that will help make the unit feel flush with the wall. It is an aesthetic piece for the frame that can hide away the fireplace box while pushing your focal point away from the edges, into the dancing flame. The partial recessed unit is a great option if you do not have much room to work with in your walls and it can be accomplished with 2x4 framing.

Fully Recessed

This is the nicest and most aesthetically pleasing method of installation of your new electric fireplace. We highly encourage you to consider this method of installation as it provides a seamless finish with the wall and lets the focal points remain the engaging flame. This method requires using 2x8 framing and pre-building a box and wiring to fit the specifications of the fireplace. Manufacturers will provide you with the ideal measurements for this type of installation, and what spacing is needed for safety.

It is always important to ask a professional when buying your fireplace to make sure it fits your project's goals. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our staff to make sure you get the best fireplace for your job.

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