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Choosing an Electric Fireplace

You have a place in your home where you want a fireplace, but due to its location, you can't run a gas unit. Luckily there are some beautiful electric fireplaces that will more than certainly do the job.

This article will simply lay out key aspects to think about when installing your new fireplace, and give you a couple recommendations of our top selling and favourite units.

1. Area Requirements

Begin with the general requirements of what you hope to gain from having the fireplace. If it is purely an aesthetics you are after, then you have the freedom to choose any fireplace you wish in the category. This includes the new releases of water vapour electrics that provide a realistic flame with no safety concerns from those curious little paws wanting to touch the 'flames'. Check out Dimplex's Opti-Myst to see what we are talking about.

If you have heat in mind then you are going to want to check out the recommended heating square footage that the manufacturer may suggest. For example The IgniteXL Series by Dimplex is optimal at heating up to 1,000 sq ft.. If your electric has a fan forced heater then you will find it heats an area faster and more evenly.

2. Design

This is a simple one. What style of fireplace would best bring your room together? Would a traditional style fit? How about a contemporary design?

The linear style contemporary designs are very popular and can save floor space and wall space as they need no mantel. The Revillusion Series by Dimplex is a great option for any built-in traditional style fireplace need.

3. Sizing

You will want to find the maximum size of fireplace you can fit into the room without it taking over the desired wall. Most linear fireplaces will go as big as 100" and as small as a 34". Much smaller than that and you should think about potentially finding a vertical style fireplace such as the Allure series by Napoleon.

4. Features

The last thing that should be contemplated is if you desire any specific additional features. These could be things such as temperature control (to have the fireplace come on and off with the room temperature), flame colour changes, no heat options for year-round use, and brightness of flames. These could help your room stay comfortable and enjoyable all the time, no matter the season, time or day.

If you are starting your search, check out our electric fireplace page to see more options and ideas to make your new fireplace the best part of the room.

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