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I Want A Fireplace, But Don't Want The Heat.

If you are looking for the fireplace essence, the feel it brings into your home, but find that the heat is unnecessary for your home (maybe it is a hot summer..), then there are still a few options for you!

The first option we recommend is the Opti-V by Dimplex. This ultra realistic, three dimensional visual wonder, has a flame-like sound option, inner glowing logs and a vastly wide display. It comes in multiple sizes, but none of them will have you concerned about burns, venting (for gas), or energy usage. The Opti-V uses LED lighting to provide a glowing feel within the logs while only running on pennies a day in energy consumption.

Here are a couple photos so you can see what we mean!

And a video so you can see for yourself

The other option we would recommend would be the Opti-Myst. Essentially this is a mist based unit that as the mist rises up through the specifically designed plates, the light reflects against the water molecules and creates an illusion of flames and smoke. The size and versatility of of this well crafted wood-burning look-alike has a 3-dimentional flame effect that is completely safe to touch and operates very energy efficient.

Below is a few picture to show you the adaptability of the unit, and what it can do.

And a video to show you what we are talking about

These are just two of our favourite options when it comes to a fireplace that has the option of no heat. To find out more, feel free to call or email us anytime.

Thanks for reading,

The Fireside Group

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