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Which Fireplace Features Are Worth It?

Fireplace add-ons can get expensive if you customize every aspect. But is it worth it?

This article will break down the basic upgrades and features that you are debating, and tell you why they may be of interest.

1. The Blower

The blower assists in circulating warm air from the heat source, out into your room. It is especially advantageous if you have a larger room you are looking to heat. Small rooms heat sufficiently without any assistance. Keep in mind that the blower does make a slight humming noise, so the fireplace will no longer run completely silent.

2. Stone, Pebbles, Rocks and Logs

These features are more or less based on personal preference. If you are keeping a traditional look within your fireplace room, then a log set may be a key upgrade for you. The log sets usually help provide some depth to the flame and can glow to further resemble a real fire. If you are looking for more of a contemporary look, the river pebbles or stone will seamlessly draw the flame between the crevices while reflecting light from the many pebble colour options.

3. Reflective Liner

Although a standard feature in most of our models, many other fireplace suppliers will force you into an upgrade here. Often it is worth it. The black porcelain liner reflects the light of the flame off of the back, making the fireplace brighter and more aesthetically pleasing. It also gives the flame an appearance of more mass through the reflection effect. Other liners or interiors will help the flame look different ways depending on your desired aesthetic affect.

4. Remote

This is purely a convenience feature that allows you to maintain, adjust and set temperatures for certain times of day, months, and seasons, all depending on the model. This can be a luxury component of the fireplace, but the convenience of being able to turn the fireplace on or off from your bed sounds really good to us!

5. Surround

The surround is the finish that is placed over top the adjoining edges of the drywall and the fireplace.The surround has a few options depending on the brand and fireplace, but the decision comes down your rooms look and feel. The surround will help you transition the fireplace into the room so keep that in mind when making your choice.

6. BTU's

This is not as much of a unit upgrade, but may help sway your opinion when choosing a fireplace. We mention much more about BTU's in the blog post entitled "How Many BTU's Do I Want My Fireplace To Have" (in related posts on the right ->). Just think about the size of your room when making this choice.

These are some of the most common upgrades, if there are any other that you want to know more about please send us a message to let us know!!

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