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Fireplaces- Does The Brand and Price Matter?

Everyone has seen the "great deal" somewhere on the internet, but how do you know if it is actually a good deal, and what will the differences be between that and the branded product? This article will try to answer those questions!

So I am pretty sure every one has seen this!

So what are the differences?

To start, there is the more obvious things that a manufacturer will tell you on the packaging. These would be the warranty, features, and contact information (you know, to have an actual person to talk to if something goes wrong)

Less obviously would be the ease of installation, quality of visual flame, heat output, reliability, and accountability behind each and every product. When we say accountability, this means that both the certified installer and manufacturer will be readily available to diagnose, fix, and potentially replace items that are faulty or damaged.

So the reality is that although the product box may look similar, the product inside will have some drastic differences. Of so, the most important is the accountability behind the product. The Fireside Group is able to track any recalls or manufacturer defects to assure action is promptly provided.

Gas can be a dangerous thing if not cared for correctly. That's why we are very careful as to the brands and fireplaces we bring into our company. In the end, quality does matter for us.

Our Reccomendation

When selecting a fireplace the best thing you can do is talk to an expert on the subject. Explain your needs and have them provide a few suggestions suitable for you. If you are still unsure whether the money is worth it, put some effort in to try and find a video of the flame from the branded fireplace and one of the cheaper model. This should help further prove the point.

In conclusion, when picking a fireplace for your home, think of the value provided a couple years down the road from a working fireplace with a beautiful flame and a full warranty. One simple call will be all it takes to have your fireplace fixed.

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