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Where Can I Install A Gas Fireplace?

Are you looking at putting a gas fireplace in a corner? Basement? Maybe upstairs? Well this article will tell you what you can and can't do.

Where Can They Be Installed?

The truth is anywhere! And we mean everywhere, an inside wall, corner, or basement inside wall in a corner (if that's possible). The only down fall here is that it is going to cost you more. This is due to the increase time needed to install appropriate venting, and the cost of such work.

This means you can keep your basement heated with a direct vent gas fireplace no problem. With more BTU output than an electric, this will probably be your choice.

Things to Consider

Much like all things being installed into the home, you must take a minute to consider if the spot you have chosen is practical and feasible.

By practical we mean to ensure the optimal heat flow of the room. Although many fireplaces will provide the optional 'blower fan kit' upgrade to increase heat flow, the location of the unit within the room plays most of the role. Try to have your fireplace installed in areas where congregated seating is. This could be below a television, or beside a couch. The key is to have the blower fan accelerating the heat onto you. Not in a hallway down towards the bathroom.

The feasible aspect refers to the specific limitations which installers must abide to upon installation. To summarize the vast and very specific measurements the fireplace cannot impede; the fireplace cannot be too close to a window, door, corner, opening door, or electrical outlet. This should really only effect you if you have a very tight space to install your fireplace, and in that case, an electric or re-consideration should be thought of.

Enjoy your gas fireplace anywhere in your home, and if you are wanting to get very creative, take a look through the line-up of Bellfire fireplaces. The cutting edge of beauty and style.

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