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Our Products and Why

With each new manufacturer that joins our team, we have to make sure that we continue to sell the best in quality, efficiency, and beauty. Sticking to our values is most important in the decision making process, and that is why we have made the choice to supply from these companies.

Superior Fireplaces: With a very long standing record for both their product and business, Superior Fireplaces produces a highly sought after product. Superior is the name in the game, and their fireplaces prove their method and values can conquer any market, any economy, and remain an integral part of customers homes.

Dimplex: At the center of the electric fireplace industry, Dimplex is the go-to choice for innovation, craftsmanship, and beauty. With a product for every project, Dimplex will provide the ideal fireplace for any space in your home, workplace, or common room.

Bellfires: At the top of the industry for beauty, appeal, safety, and environmental consciousness, Bellfires combines efficiency in systems, and an intense focus on product details. When choosing a Bellfire fireplace, you will understand why so many have made the jump before.

Savannah: The locally developed and produced manufacturer is home of some of the most effectively produced fireplaces, resulting in end savings for the customer, while not loosing out on creativity and aesthetics.

Although this list is constantly growing, we make sure to continuously reevaluate and ensure that the products we sell are going to leave our customers happy and warm for many years to come. This is the reason why we don't sell product lines that are often held by large retailers such as Lowes Fireplaces, Home Depot Fireplaces, and Napoleon Fireplaces. We are strict with our options, and our choice is to keep our customers in the best of company, with the most desirable heat produced.


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