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Canadian Made

Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to celebrate one of our favourite Canadian manufacturers, Savannah Heating.

As a Canadian manufacturer based in Richmond, British Colombia, Savannah maintains a "locally built" mindset by keeping everything from product design and assembly, in house. This is their effort at supporting the North American economy, something they take great pride in.

With a constant focus on creating efficiency in all of their systems, Savannah looks to minimize cost to then be passed on to customers. This efficiency focus does not take away from the quality which is built into every piece. From their founding principles, quality control has been involved in every decision. This is a main reason The Fireside Group is so confident in continuing to sell Savannah product year after year. We have seen first hand their quality in structure, design, and installation practice. With Savannah's concentration on the North American Market, the ability to maintain the highest standards at all ends of business has been shown consistently.

With cutting edge practices, Savannah has been able to produce some of the best modern and contemporary designs. If you don't believe what we are talking about, click HERE.

To see why we are so excited about what Savannah is doing, in our fellow country, check out their website HERE.


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