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Parents! Don't worry—screens are a must!

Superior gas fireplace DRL3000 screen

After thousands of child burns, we are sure the word has gone around your group of friends at least once. Will your child burn themselves on your new beautiful fireplace? Like any child, we are sure yours can find their way into anything. Whether its getting into the cookies, paints, markers, or anything else that causes a mess, your kid can do it. That's why extra vigilance has been taken when dealing with fireplaces.

With over 2000 small children suffering third degree burns between 1999-2009, paediatricians campaigned vigorously to make the case well aware to fireplace manufacturers all throughout North America. When analyzing the severity behind this potential hazard, fireplace manufacturers met with the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission to create legislation to make screens in glass-fronted gas fireplaces a mandatory compliance. This means that ALL gas models manufactured after January 1, 2015 MUST come with a screen. However, one problem still lies ahead: All pieces before this date are not required to meet these specifications.

Now it is up to home owners, restaurants, and businesses to take screen installation upon themselves. So a danger still remains for your child, and something you should be well aware of. Although your new fireplace will come fully-installed with a screen to protect your child from glass with temperatures up to 1,300° F, you will have to remain vigilant when in company of older models. Yes this mean playing Super Mom, and Super Dad for one more afternoon.

So when looking for a fireplace for your room, just remember, we offer screens for ever type and model of fireplace we sell, but its never a good idea to run your fireplace in the company of any small child without constant direct supervision. Safety first, comfort second! The Fireside Group

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