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Why You Should Care if Your Product is EPA Certified

EPA certification check list

What is the EPA Certification?

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency developed a rating system to certify fireplaces, along with other household appliances, to meet the emissions production level set by the organization. The idea is that if a unit falls under the required pound of particle pollution per million BTU's of heat output in grams/kilogram, then it will have an appropriate EPA certification on the back. This ensures that fireplaces which are certified, are the most efficient products the market can offer.

What does this mean for you?

By purchasing an EPA certified product, not only are you playing your part in encouraging environmentally friendly practices, but you are also saving money. These products assure that your fuel source is being used in the most effective manner, saving you cash in the end. Its a win for the environment and your wallet!

Can I get my fireplace certified?

The short answer to that is no. Unfortunately the certification is achieved with effective building and design practices by the manufacturer. This means that your older model is not able to get jerry-rigged into some new age piece. This is an important thing to know when selecting your next fireplace for your home.

How much are you really saving?

Well, this all depends on your model. Typically, with a wood-burning fireplace you can expect to use up to one-third less firewood then you would without. Any time you see that billowing smoke from your fireplace it is lost energy. EPA certified units will effectively burn your fuel to ensure the least waste possible. Don't forget about all of that time you are saving hauling piles of wood into your home. With an EPA certified fireplace, everybody wins!

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