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Heating your home: questions you must ask!

Heating your home: questions you must ask picture

Why are you buying a fireplace?

Although many of the products we sell are designed to heat the entire home, most are created to warm a single room or two adjacent to each other. This means that you are going to have to use some strategy and ask yourself a few critical questions before you buy. To begin, you need to ask yourself why you are purchasing a fireplace. Is it for aesthetics? Cold rooms or poor house circulation? Or just that amazing feeling you get watching the flame into the night? Your answers here will determine what product you should choose.

If you are concerned with heating a room or two, a zone heating unit that is either a freestanding stove, fireplace insert, or a masonry heater is the optimal choice. Within these options comes the choice of fuel that is most readily accessible. Below is a series of questions you need to answer before having any product installed into your home.

Questions to ask before you buy

What areas of the home are you looking to heat?

What level of heat do you need?

How often will you be using it?

How convenient do you want it to be? (a button away?)

What fuel types do you have access to?

Wood, gas, electricity?

What style or design concept are you hoping for?

How open is the room you are putting it into?

How old is your home?

How large is the home you are putting it into?

These are just a few questions you may want to consider asking yourself prior to purchase. Of course, if you phone us, we would be more then happy to go over your requirements to assure the best product for your needs!

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