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What Does A Zero Clearance Fireplace Mean?

A Zero Clearance fireplace is a unit that has been factory built to be strategically placed almost anywhere in your home. It has the ability to be placed next-to or on-top of combustible materials otherwise typically avoided. A combustible material is your drywall, wood, or interior paneling. Zero Clearance units are insulated on the inside so heat flows strategically from the outdoors, into your unit, and back outdoors. This can lead to a more efficient fireplace as no heat loss is placed through the sides into your homes walls. Zero Clearance units still need direct vents to safely operate, but are not requiring chimneys of any sorts.

What Does This Mean?

This means that if you are searching for a fireplace to fit into a tight area, your best bet will be a zero clearance unit. Builders and homeowners can both share in this excitement as the minimal buffer room between the unit and the wall allows for more strategic placement in tight areas. In turn, this reduces cost of installation as no buildouts or masonry is needed.

Check out a few photos of our typical Zero Clearance units!

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