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The Difference Genesis Provides

This article will go over the reasons builders, renovators and designers are getting so excited about Savannah Heating's Genesis Series Gas Fireplaces.

The list below is a simple break down of the biggest differences Genesis brings with their gas fireplaces.

No Gaps

A gap at the top of the wall where a fireplace is installed is used by manufacturers to let excess heat escape. Not only does this mean that the fireplace must be installed on a protruding wall, but it means the building of a wall above the fireplace.

No Louvers

Louvers are used to as intake and exhaust mechanisms to allow the correct air flow through the unit. The beauty with the Genesis units is the ability to operate without the installation of louvers. This allows a seamless look without excess material and more complicated installation process.

No Heat Dumps

Behind the wall of a fireplace is typically a heat dump vent used to release additional heat build up. For the genesis fireplaces this is not an issue.

Combustibles OK

Fireplaces with this output are required to use non-combustible drywall and building materials. This is not required with Genesis as the heat output is contained correctly and efficiently through the fireplace.


A final issue that many fireplaces cannot compare is with Genesis' safe-to-touch technology. While ditching view destructing screens, Genesis implemented a dual layer glass that provides crisp views all while being friendly to your child and their wondering hands.

What does this all mean for you?

Compared to the traditional style of multi-sided powerful gas fireplaces, the Genesis fireplaces are affordable, and much more design friendly. There is no need for excess planning, additional building and specialized material, as the Genesis fireplaces are self contained and the top for builders and renovators alike.

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