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The Best Gas Fireplaces For The Toronto Region

This article will look through our top choices for gas fireplaces while living in the Toronto region. We will highlight key features that will be sure to impress while ensuring we take in mind the output, installation, and cost.

In no specific order, here are our 2018/2019 gas fireplace selection sure to impress:

This modern linear 3 sided gas fireplace has a huge output of 21,000-36,000 BTU's and a slick cool-to-touch glass surrounding the unit. This means no screens, which we absolutely love. Nothing can interfere with your view of the flickering flame.

The Galaxy 48 also is the first of its kind to let installers and homeowners forget about heat dumps and louvers. This just means you can have more say as to where the unit is installed in your home.

The Napoleon Fireplaces Ascent Linear series is a great option for a modern gas fireplace that still hold some of the height of a traditional unit. With the option of 36" or 46", the Napoleon Ascent series will give you a unique heart to your home.

This unit blasts from 17,500 to 24,000 BTU's with an optional blower to have the heat felt all throughout the home. The low profile front is available in stainless steel and black to customize the fireplace for your room. Napoleon Fireplaces created this unit blend the transition from traditional to modern, while maintaining the style.

The Superior Fireplace DRC6300 is the traditional gas fireplace that will definitely be the center piece to your room and even your home. With its vast array of glass media colours and its exceptionally tall dancing flame, this fireplace will feel like home in no time.

The heat produced by the Superior DRC6300 is a massive 26,000-50,000 BTU's coming in as one of the most powerful heaters in the fireplace market. Superior is also one of few companies that will guarantee its product for a lengthy 20 years, lending confidence to the strength and structure this fireplace was built with.

Our electric choices to follow....

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