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Tips for Cutting Your Heating Bill

This article will go through a couple helpful hints and tips to try and save you a few dollars on your next heating bill.

1. Fireplace Efficiency

Your old fireplace may not be as great as you thought it was. Firstly, many older models will burn way less efficiently, dumping less heat into the room while burning even more wood. Years of innovations have allowed modern inserts to capitalize on minimal fuel usage while providing equal or more heat output.

Part of that efficiency has a lot to do with a blower. Most fireplaces offer blower options which can help heat rooms faster with less fuel used.

Another recent option is the programmable fireplace. Instead of having to heat an entire house, you can practice zone heating for select times and have your fireplace automatically turn on when required.

2. Zone Heating

We have gone over this before (as seen in related articles) and won't dive into this too deep. Zone heating can let you strategically heat your home based on the room. Heating a particular usable space in your home (with a fireplace) lets you effectively use your heating when it is needed. Instead of waiting for your furnace to heat the entire house, simply flick on your fireplace and heat the room that will be used. Some of our customers will solely rely on their fireplace to provide the heat they need all year round.

3. Drafts, Windows and Insulation

I'm sure you have already heard a few times of the inefficiencies behind old windows and doors. So why? Drafts. Your home is going to have a very hard time staying warm if there is always a cool breeze passing on through at every hour. Take a match or lighter and place the flame next to edges, cracks, walls, and any space where a wall may be divided. If the flame flickers, you have your

self a draft. Try caulking, using weather stripping on windows, or other sealants to stop any drafts within your home. If you are looking at renovations, upgrades to new windows, insulation, and caulking is a great idea!

We hope these tips can help you stay warmer for longer!

Keeping your warm when you need it,

The Fireside Group

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